Sparrows are common birds but there are many different varieties and each one is
special as are individuals from all walks of life.

every voice matters.

Wendy & Dwight Eisler, Counsellors in North Battleford, Saskatchewan
Dwight and Wendy work side by side in helping strengthen relationships and work through personal struggles. We can counsel individually or as a team. We want to work with people as they are the experts in their story. Just like sparrows, who live in community, we strive to strengthen and encourage clients in their circumstances. Life can be looked at in many different perspectives. Every voice matters, even the most fragile.

A Time to Strengthen & Renew

Couples Canoe Trip July 8-11, 2022

Head out for your next adventure and explore with us! Couples therapy on the water as you spend time in nature.

Aha! Adventure guides will teach you what you need to know to paddle as a team and navigate the river in this unique couple’s adventure.

Dwight & Wendy Eisler will facilitate relationship building discussions & activities.

Nature will slow us down, help us grow closer to ourselves and each other as we share, listen and experience.

Register early as space is limited.

Common Reasons People Seek Counselling

“Again and again, I see the immense pain of broken relationships between husbands and wives, parents and children, lovers, friends, and colleagues. In the Western world, the suffering that seems to be the most painful is that of feeling rejected, ignored, despised and left alone.”

By Henri Nouwen

Your pain is real, and it would be an honour to walk with you through it.