“Almost all adults have jobs, but not everyone finds their true vocation. I knew upon meeting Wendy that counselling was so much more than a job to her. She always listens with a compassionate ear and with great empathy and intuition, but she never makes assumptions. I never feel judged, but always supported. But the difference in her is that she truly cares. It is not a job for her, but a ministry.” -Former Client, Female

“Recently I found I was in need of counselling for a work related matter. I found both Dwight and Wendy to be very personable and insightful. They helped me gain a better understanding of the matter and were instrumental in developing some coping skills I could use going forward.” -Former Client, Male

“I believe in the client. I believe in the power of relationship and psychotherapy as a vehicle for change, and I believe in myself, my ability to be present, fully immersed in my client and dedicated to making a difference.”

By Barry Duncan